Warrant Management System

Our Warrant feature offers the ability to setup all warrant types, add any type of warrant, modify any warrant, track attempts to serve and by which officer, as well as separate serve and recall warrant functions. In addition, this feature is fully integrated with the JMS system, offers the ability to completely track warrant payments, including the option of recording, editing, or deleting any warrant payment, and much more. Agency specific forms can be available as fillable PDFs.

Upgrade to an Efficient E-Warrant System Built for Modern Law Enforcement

A smarter warrant information system with access to requests from multiple jurisdictions. Quickly find persons of interest to execute or withdraw warrants in minutes. Establish department-wide protocol aimed at expediting the identification and fulfillment of warrants.

Judges can approve requests 24/7 for immediate execution, and follow the lifeline of a request. With updated digital records that reduce the risks of wrongful arrest, and fast, centralized access, Dynamic Public Safety empowers every member of the force to identify and act with precision.

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Expedite the Warrant Process

Access warrant status from any device with an internet connection for up-to-the-minute data. Collaborate with court record databases to rapidly identify individuals of interest, and reduce the occurrence of false arrests based on outdated record keeping.

Officers can identify and act with fast searches based on any known details. Tasks can be logged in the field, for accurate and detailed reporting from the patrol vehicle. Auto and easy-fill fields reduce the time spent keeping accurate records.

Easy Data Access

House witness records, evidence, and essential case data within the same digital file. Build warrant requests based on that existing data, and collaborate with prosecutors as needed to construct a credible request based on established evidence.

Search history simplifies tracking of specific individuals of interest or details in the field. Having reduced physical records also expedites data sharing between departments and jurisdictions. Statewide notifications empower jurisdictions to collaborate and stop crime wherever it is.

Build Trust, Enforce the Law

Accurate and up-to-date reporting reduces wrongful arrests. Public-facing portals allow individuals of interest to check the status of a warrant and report any legal changes through the same system. Transparency builds trust within the community while improving both arrest rates and outcomes.

Access to more accurate logs and the ability to create them faster reduces administrative duties and keeps law enforcement focused on more important tasks.

Judicial Confidence

Review and approve warrant requests any time of day. No need for middle-of-the-night document runs. Accurate information transfers are available to any compatible device, in file formats that are easy to download and review. Full requests, including a record of essential case data and criminal history, can be available for approval within minutes.

Audit these records and review chain of custody to ensure every request is by the book.

Accurate Enforcement

Secure logins offer password-based access from any device. Quickly task certain team members, controlling access to document sets, for execution of any portion of the warrant process. With auto-fill fields and quick code entry, accurate reporting is possible even under tense conditions in the field.

Full coordination and collaboration with judicial support systems and the courthouse keep everyone informed and up-to-date on case history.

Modern Warrant Management for Your Organization

Dynamic Public Safety has created a modern solution for essential case data, with the ability to collaborate and execute on any step in the process. From police force to courthouse, and every clerk in between, DPS offers comprehensive warrant management for modern law enforcement.

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