Records Management System (RMS)

Our RMS is built on the NIBRS platform and includes features such as Incident Reporting, integrated with the CAD Module and fully integrated with the Jail Management Module. In addition, our software has full case file management abilities including approval process and state clearance codes.

Our customers like our software’s Investigator’s Log, Field Interview Reports, Internal Intelligence Network, completely integrated Evidence Room/Property Room tracking, Property Intake, Property Verification, barcode technology, track and recall known associates, full historical reporting features, Vehicle Impound Log and Uniform Crime Reports.

RMS Designed for Public Safety Officials

Dynamic Public Safety offers Records Management Software for the future. Officers can utilize any workstation to organize and search a secure police database for warrants, citations, violent or sex offender registration and more.
Our systems brings law enforcement into the next generation, empowering agencies to share and request information from a secure database.

Software Built for Tomorrow’s Public Safety Officer

Incident Reporting

Our incident reporting software captures accurate incident information using an interface designed for detail. Familiar text fields empower every officer to document incidents and offenses as well as track property data and evidence.

  • Create and manage case files from any PC with an internet connection
  • Fill in incident reports with common details and options for customized data entry
  • Text fields guide officers through incident reporting
  • Never re-enter data. Quick-fill fields remember and suggest common details
  • Create a rapid-search database where information is accessible
  • Share reports with other officers

Field Interview Reporting

Document field contacts, creating searchable data for use on other cases or future review. Quickly enter a subject’s relevant information into a digital Field Interview card. Reports can be quickly converted into PDFs that can be easily shared with other officers.


Collect and record data that meets the reliability standards for NIBRS and aggregate data for UCR reporting. Contribute valuable statistics that help society better understand how best to fight crime with minimal time investment. In addition to this, sharing this data with state and federal government can help the agency provide statistics to back grant applications.

Property & Evidence Room Management

A property and evidence room management system that captures evidence data for fast access to property room contents. Restrict access and log events for authorized staff to better track evidence chain of custody. Create a complete record of the contents from any property room for review or audit.

Why Choose Dynamic Public Safety for Your RMS?

A new tool in law enforcement records upkeep, designed with accuracy and detail. Great police work begins with the best possible records.

  • Simple interface designed to reduce time spent entering records
  • Focus on public safety, not paperwork
  • Standardize reporting and improve your agency’s ability to gather and share information
  • Web-based software offers users access from any PC with an internet connection
  • Restrict reporting access by classification
  • Flexible and affordable systems to fit your department budget

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Protect and Serve with Better Records Management Software

Get first-hand experience of our incident reporting software with a free demo covering common incident reporting scenarios. Our family-owned business focuses on empowering law enforcement professionals with the technology to make their jobs easier, safer and more efficient. Records keeping should drive law enforcement work with valuable intelligence gathered from officers who witness incidents firsthand. We make reporting better with faster data entry that collects accurate details about an incident from every officer with an internet connection.

Records Management Built for Better Public Safety

With extended support, Dynamic Public Safety’s record management software improves department recordkeeping and information sharing. Faster access to a safe police database from any terminal. Schedule your free demo now.