Property & Evidence Tracking Software

Our completely integrated Evidence/Property Room tracking offers property intake, property verification, as well as barcode technology. This feature is fully customizable as each agency uses different terminology and locations for the storage of evidence and property. Agency specific forms can be available as fillable PDFs.

Evidence Management System for Processing Physical and Digital Evidence

Dynamic Public Safety offers an extensive evidence management solution for logging and processing both physical and digital evidence. Designed to work with all other DPS modules or as a standalone product, the Evidence/Property Room module allows users the ability to track evidence through the chain of custody.

We have developed a simplified log for entries based on verified users. A secure database stores customized details of individual items for a complete overview of evidence inventory.

Secure Evidence Control

Manage digital and physical evidence within the same database with customizable entries. Officers have instant access to many tools designed to streamline evidence processing.

  • Barcode Support: Tag and track evidence for speedy retrieval and higher accuracy
  • Media Storage: Store digital evidence, including crime scene media, suspect data collection, and more
  • Customizable Queries: Streamline research with customizable queries
  • Location Tracking: Create and manage all evidence or property locations, such as individual rooms, lockers, shelves and more

Officers can connect evidence collected with specific calls for service to build a complete case history beginning with arrests and first encounters.

Instant Access to Assets

Use your desktop web browser, to access a secure chain of custody from any terminal in the department. Administrators can assign access by classification or by officer. A comprehensive history of evidence reduces risks of tampering or improper handling while increasing accountability.

Highly Accurate

Learn more about evidence at a glance with thorough logs that have customizable fields for precise entries.

  • Faster Logs: Easy fill-in text fields allow officers to log common details quickly
  • Chain of Custody: Track evidence as it moves through multiple phases
  • Smart Record Keeping: Attach specific evidence logs to current case files and share with relevant officers and officials
  • Unalterable: Changes to records are tracked by login, ensuring constant accountability


Simplified forms have been field tested to ensure every officer in the chain of command has instant access Sophisticated tagging systems speed up data entry and setup. Calendar integration automates the release or transfer of evidence based on court dates, the statute of limitations, etc.

Secure Database

Guard against intrusions with password-based logins that track who accesses which evidence reports. Compare database records with actual contents or conduct spot audits with real-time reporting shared with specific officials.

Evidence Software to Streamline Procedure

Dynamic Public Safety focuses on creating law enforcement software that brings your agency into the future. Our evidence software integrates with our other DPS modules or as a standalone system to track the entire chain of custody for crucial evidence.

Accuracy in the collection and handling of evidence is critical, and mistakes are often avoidable. Hold officers to a higher standard with logged access, better information tracking, and tools for efficient evidence reports.

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