Our Partners

Our partners allow for greater ability to gather and efficiently use information as well as enhance features of our product.

Software Integrations

Our software can be integrated with almost any product to allow for the most efficiency and expansive features possible.

Appriss Safety

Appriss Safety is the developer of the Appriss Insights Platform, the nation’s most comprehensive source of person-based incarceration, justice, and risk intelligence data.

We are a team of technology and data science experts who provide insights and analytic solutions that support informed decisions for early response to people-driven fraud and risk.

By delivering real-time notifications, context-sensitive risk assessments, and actionable insights, we enable government agencies and commercial enterprises to save lives, fight crime, prevent fraud, and manage risk.

Live Scan

Live Scan is the process of electronically capturing fingerprints using state-of-the-art technology and securely submitting fingerprints along with associated information within seconds rather than days to the FBI. A scanning device is required and the person’s prints are captured by rolling the fingers across the screen. No more messy ink and paper.

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Social Security Administration

The Social Security Administration pays agencies who report benefit recipients that are being housed in jail and suspend that person’s checks until released from jail. This insures that both the state and Federal governments aren’t paying for the person’s care at the same time. Your agency may benefit from additional income by simply reporting these individuals.

Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR)

Our software is NIBRS compliant in that it gathers data in the manner prescribed by the FBI. UCR data is still being gathered as well until the FBI does away with that reporting method in the near future.

Digital Blue

Our software features, beginning with our CAD, are being greatly expanded through the integration with DigitalBlue Software. This integration will allow for a mobile application known as EnforceNet as well as an integration system known as Ledexable.

EnforceNet is the mobile CAD for officers on any type of patrol; vehicle, motorcycle, foot, mounted, and more. Officers get full CAD and Call for Service functionality available from their CAD right on their smartphones and tablets. No laptop required! Responding to Calls for Service becomes much more convenient for officers.

Ledexable (“Law Enforcement Data EXchangeABLE”) is designed to simplify the integration of Public Safety and Law Enforcement systems. Using “Connectors”, “Flows”, “Transformers”, and “Validators”, agencies can automate workflows and data flow between systems.