Jail Management System (JMS)

Maximize facility safety with a comprehensive jail management system. Ensure inmate records are up-to-date and accurate while keeping a high-level viewpoint on available personnel and resources.

A Comprehensive Jail Information System for Efficient Corrections Management

Dynamic Public Safety has created a solution to allocate jail resources and track inmate activity as well as store important dates, medical records and more in a single web-based application accessible from any terminal.


A comprehensive jail system for tracking every relevant inmate interaction, as well as important resources and incidents related to the day-to-day operations of the facility.

  • Works flawlessly with our property/evidence room module to track cell searches and log evidence and contraband
  • Handle billing and invoices, secure internal mail and log work assignments
  • Automate schedules for church, medication, meals, recreation and more
  • Track suicide watch, log visitors and handle disciplinary citations/actions

A complete birds-eye view of jail operations, resources and personnel designed for rapid processing. Implement a JMS easily into existing infrastructure with minimal training time.

Automatic Scheduling

A jail management system that automatically calculates important dates based on internal data. Track an inmate’s good and bad behavior to determine important court dates, probation hearings, release dates and more. Manually overwrite these records for specific cases as they arise.

Advanced Reporting

Track detailed encounters with inmates and customize reports of inmate activity. Search by name, date or incident information for instant access.

  • High-level statistics including average daily population, total inmates by sex and more
  • Accurate head counts available on demand
  • Recaps for booking, release and charges
  • Daily jail activity
  • Social Security Report
  • Invoices

Booking Process

Document important details, and expedite the booking process with an intuitive system built around efficiency. Arrange immediate health screenings, log details of body searches, and track important information related to violent/sex offender crimes or gang affiliations. Create a highly readable report on every booking for advanced record keeping.

Resource Allocation

Arrange cell assignments based on a decision tree format for top-down perspectives on jail resources. Allocate staff and conduct inventory audits against an accurate database. Catch top priorities, such as suicide watch and the need for bedding or winter clothing, and respond in real time.

A Better Jail Management System to Empower Corrections Officers

Created to help officers better allocate jail resources, respond to inmates and improve infrastructure, Dynamic Public Safety is a flexible and secure JMS. Protect staff and ensure optimal operations automatically. See the benefits of real-time resource allocation, personnel and jail inmate systems working simultaneously.

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Jail Management for Tomorrow’s Demands

Empower corrections officers to run a more efficient facility, where officers make less mistakes, have higher moral and are safer. Document incidents and create a searchable database of records that automatically updates based on key or important information. Please contact your Sales Engineer today for more information on what DPS can do for your agency.