Data Management

Data Management is key to efficient and effective use of time no matter the endeavor. Our software allows users to manage data is a way that allows for efficient recall of the data as well as the ability to update data and share it with those that need it. Our software allows for that data to be collected and stored on either a user-owned server or a hosted solution. One of the strongest features of our software is the type of reports the user can generate thereby allowing for targeted information.

Data Management Built for Law Enforcement & Public Records

Meeting the unique needs of modern law enforcement entities, Dynamic Public Safety has built a comprehensive solution to legal data management. With a focus on high-grade security, auditing, and better data storage, DPS solutions offer accurate alternatives to paper record keeping. Expedite every aspect of law enforcement and public safety, reduce administrative time sinks and put more patrols back on the streets.

Accurate, easy-fill fields with multiple options for uploading essential case files to ensure records are kept up to date. Avoid unnecessary risks by having a secure database, accessible by key personnel. Identify persons of interest and enforce the law with data management solutions from Dynamic Public Safety.

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Improved Accessibility

Access warrants, citations, and civil process records from any device with an internet connection. Download essential case files in formats that are easy to open and review. Officials can share specific files, with selective access, controlling the flow of information with audit history available at any point in the investigative process.

Enhanced Accuracy

Field data entry simplified with smart fields that accurately record common codes and details. Reduce mistakes and expedite essential data entry, tracking changes for the lifespan of every action.

Smarter record keeping includes interdepartmental sharing, designating access to case files, with media that is easy to download and review. Constant accountability means every hand that touches a file is tracked and chain of custody preserved.

Secure Evidence Management

Upgrade the evidence room with robust inventory software built for the needs of your department:

  • Barcode Support: Quickly and accurately tag and retrieve detailed storage logs
  • Media Storage: Log digital evidence, including video, audio, photos and screenshots
  • Mobile Field Logs: Tag important evidence from the field and notify key personnel
  • Instant Search: Retrieve crucial pieces of evidence, with search history for review

Effortless Reporting

Dynamic Public Safety reduces time spent on administrative tasks with effortless reporting designed to capture critical documents in any form. Gain instant access to criminal data, including warrants and other civil process documents, from any internet-connected terminal or device. Digital record keeping structures data for easy search and retrieval.

GPS and digital record management systems reduce risks of wrongful arrests with up-to-date reporting. Public-facing portals allow individuals of interest to check the status of documents and submit changes based on current legal status.

Easy Integration

Simplified data entry expedites the training of personnel at every level, empowering more proactive records keeping within your organization. Built with legacy systems in mind, Dynamic Public Safety prides itself on easy integration with existing record keeping with the ability to work across jurisdictions.

At every level, world-class support is standing by to assist with key infrastructure challenges.

Ultra Secure Data Management Built for Public Safety Entities

Modern accessibility and high-grade security within a single package – that’s the Dynamic Public Safety promise: a simplified system built for better legal data management. Moving case files to digital allows for offsite storage, reducing clutter, and more accurate record keeping. Expedite logs, retrieve critical data and keep law enforcement officers focused on public safety.

With Dynamic Public Safety, departments improve record keeping capabilities with a modern database designed specifically for the needs of law enforcement officials.

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