Computer Aided Dispatch Systems

Our CAD offers features such as complete flexibility, recording all calls, calls tagged with a continuous Log ID, built in officer status reporting, integrated with google maps, integrated with the RMS system, Hot Sheet / Pass On Log, designed for multi-screen use, Transport Log and Business Listing, as well as much more. Agency specific forms can be available as fillable PDFs.

CAD Software Integrating Call Dispatching & Analysis

Computer aided dispatch from Dynamic Public Safety creates a more efficient law enforcement response. Focused on transparent information sharing, the system offers a complete suite of tools capable of synchronizing several branches of emergency response.

From routine operations to emergency situations, Dynamic Public Safety’s Computer Aided Dispatching System puts capable minds to work on managing crisis response.

Evolved Location Support

CAD data helps inform logistical support. Build detailed maps that offer insight into law enforcement activity, incident analysis, and more.

Improved location intelligence informs serious actions, resulting in fewer negative outcomes.

Centralized Database

Dispatchers can collect location data and officer correspondence, and compare this information in real-time for a more coordinated approach to public safety. In an emergency, centralized reporting ensures officials have access to vital information that can save lives, divert traffic, or direct emergency personnel.

Unprecedented Control

Department-specific reporting and database integration empowers each dispatcher to provide more effective support to officers in the field. With easy access to the tools most familiar to them, dispatchers reduce training time, optimize productivity, and ensure department standards. Built-in features designed to aid in multitasking help coordinate incidents at multiple locations.

Mission-Critical Data

Dispatch must coordinate with multiple agencies responding to an emergency, relying on accurate location data and on-the-scene reports to provide a comprehensive report of the situation.

  • Integrated mapping allows dispatchers to mark important locations that officers can view from any PC with an internet connection.
  • Structured data allows dispatch faster access to search important details about a suspect, an incident, a location, and more.
  • End-to-end solutions coordinate dispatch logs, officer responses, and notes into developing case files.

Cost-Effective Dispatch Software

Our extended support ensures your agency is never caught by surprise. Upgrade your capabilities without the expensive infrastructure, and store crucial data offsite for protection.

CAD allows public safety professionals to work together closely for a more effective response to everyday incidents. Officials can request a free demo of Dynamic Public Safety. In an emergency, this system empowers first responders to apply efforts where they are most needed.

Dynamic Public Safety developed a CAD system for police, paramedics, fire, and other services to work hand in hand in making our communities safer.

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