Civil Process Software

Track all aspects of civil processes including all court information, current status of the process, attempts to serve, officer assigned, fines to be collected and when they are collected, and disposition of civil orders. Create reports on activities in general as well as specific activities. Have any agency specific forms accessible as fillable PDF documents.

Professional Civil Process Software for Law Enforcement

Expedite any civil process with better document storage and management from Dynamic Public Safety. Delivery of essential case data has never been easier, with transmittable media and easy-to-open digital files available to critical personnel in minutes.

Control access with password protection, while tracking the history of each request between officers, prosecutors and judges. Advanced auditing allows department officials to track successful summons across all local jurisdictions and report on those efforts, all in an intuitive software designed for accurate data entry.

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Secure Document Storage

Stronger security standards ensure documents remain safe, even as they are transferred across departments. Track every point of access, with a time-stamped history of engagement with case files.

Grant immediate access from any device with password-protected accounts, and secure sharing across jurisdictions.

Simple Task Scheduling

Create the summons and track its lifespan, collaborating with prosecutors and critical personnel within the department every step of the way. Court and jail records management ensures accurate record keeping, with detailed logs of attempts at service fulfillment. Instant invoicing ensures process servers are paid on time, every time.

Tracking due-diligence ensures all proper measures were taken and provides for alternative measures of serving.

Advanced Civil Processing Software

Integration with local jurisdictions enables law enforcement using DPS to schedule sitting time, prepare and review citations prior to a servicing, and instantly connect with local notaries.

When every minute counts, Dynamic Public Safety offers the support you need.

Track Data Efficiently

Follow documents to ensure requests are served. Establish a history of attempting to contact the individual in question for proper protocol. Physically track and time-stamp delivery attempts for comprehensive record keeping.

Field logs with auto-fill data enable personnel to enter common details, even under tense encounters, ensuring sensitive cases have multiple audits in place for the most accurate record keeping possible.

Reduce Physical Clutter

Moving to digital record management software reduces physical clutter. Outdated records can be digitized and stored offsite. Structured data makes retrieving critical case files as easy as searching the web, and access is available from any device.

Digital documents reduce the need to transport physical documents, eliminating time spent running documents and waiting for approvals. Improve the rate of serving while tracking efforts in the field with detailed reports.

Simplified and Modern Civil Processing Systems for the Modern Law Enforcement

Summons, an essential part of civil cases, is easier than ever before. Beginning with the motion itself, the history of a summons is now available as it evolves. Track the movement of files, control access, and retrieve case data from any device with an internet connection.

Dynamic Public Safety offers a truly modern solution to the professional civil process and law enforcement operations.

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