Coming Soon... Traffic Citation Software for Law Enforcement

The Citation feature will give the user the capability of recording citation data while simultaneously allowing the user to search the database for priors and active warrants. This feature is also built to include the ability of using an electronic ticketing system from a handheld device, and save ticket information daily avoiding duplication. This feature was created for both law enforcement agencies and court clerks for all the court processes involved with citations.

Powerful Citation and E-Ticketing

Our goal at Dynamic Public Safety is to create citation equipment that helps officers maintain public safety. Utilizing the latest in field database technology, we create solutions to connect patrol cars and dispatch to increase positive outcomes and make the roads safer for everyone.

eCitation software from Dynamic Public Safety provides the most accurate form of e-ticketing available to the modern law enforcement agency. Quick access to basic details, including automatic vehicle locator, warrant checks, and jail management system integration, provide the safest possible system for citing those who break the law. Scan a driver’s license or enter license plate information for a complete report on any driver or vehicle. End the stop faster and safer using those details to auto-complete any ticket.

Reduce Safety Risks

The average traffic stop with a handwritten ticket can take anywhere from 10-20 minutes. Shorten those times, reduce risk, and get more officers back on patrol.

  • Reduce ticket writing time by more than half. Usability tests show officers are able to complete citations in five minutes, sometimes less.
  • Autofill crucial data the moment you scan the driver’s license.
  • Customizable text fields allow officers to record important details at the scene for use in court and public record.
  • Illegible writing and incorrect record keeping are past problems with typewritten citations uploaded to the cloud.

Field Tested and Ready

With little more than a thermal printer, a computer or mobile device, and an internet connection, officers can quickly check for warrants, violent/sex offender registration, and enter contraband recovered from car searches into evidence room records. Integration with local law enforcement records management software helps speed up recordkeeping.

Intuitive eCitation Systems

Train every member of your precinct on an intuitive system designed to accommodate new members. Extended support means someone is always available to walk personnel through critical operations. Deploy and manage a complex database from one centralized application.

Robust Ticket Reporting

Structured data allows citation retrieval at a later date, creating a historical database on persons of interest. Easily identify repeat offenders, and perform more effective policing by following developing case files.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Software designed to work with equipment your department has on hand, Dynamic Public Safety empowers officers to leverage existing technology. Mobile devices and computer systems already in use can access our web-based system from any terminal. Integration with local precincts reduces time spent duplicating and transmitting handwritten entries. Get off the curb and back on patrol with reduced ticket times, improved record keeping, and highly accurate data entry.

Flexible Solutions for eCitations

Dynamic Public Safety provides officers a more accurate and intuitive form of e ticketing, designed to expedite the traffic stop and put more patrols back on the road. We have developed a secure suite of tools for helping officers resolve traffic stops and cite drivers efficiently. Request a free demo for a real-life scenario to illustrate how our software improves the work of your officers.

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